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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Joanna Connell



A free enterprise social networking site that’s aimed for private communication within organisations.  Yammer has over 8 million users subscribed and it is used by over 200,000 companies worldwide.

Signing up

Yammer permits only users with a verified company email to subscribe to the company’s Yammer network.  After your email address has been verified, you’ll need to choose a password which must have at least five characters in it.  The password policy is very lax and Yammer doesn’t screen for password complexity or for commonly used words.

Safety is in the details

Yammer has a lot of security features to help protect its users and their company data.  All connections are handled by a secure SSL connection and the website forces your browser to switch to the safer HTTPS browsing by automatically.  Moreover, any communication sent through Yammer, such as emails, are also encrypted.  The data that is stored on Yammer’s servers is housed in high-security facilities and it is treated with strict confidentiality using several firewalls to prevent unauthorised access.  Administrators on Yammer can also manage open sessions and view who is logged in and if necessary remotely block access to any user if they note any suspicious activity.

Getting to the point

Security settings on Yammer can all be managed from the administrator’s console and access to settings which you can modify varies according to the authorisation level you are granted by the company on its Yammer network.  You can access most security settings from the left-hand menu, where you can configure basic features like editing your password and other details.

How is personal data used

Yammer uses the information that you provide to customize your experience on the network and handle your requests while using the service.  Yammer will also use your data to provide reports to you or others in your organization, but usage data is never disclosed in a way which is identifiable to your company or other users in your network.

Dropping out from the network

To delete your Yammer account you will first have to remove all your messages from your inbox. Near the bottom of your posts, click on ‘More’ and then select Delete.  Repeat this process for all your messages to empty your inbox.  To delete your account, click on ‘Profile’ icon in the upper-right corner of the page and then click on ‘Edit Account’.  On the left-hand menu, click on ‘Preferences’ and in the upper-left corner of the page, click on ‘Delete your Yammer Account’ to initiate the deletion process.  This step is final and your account will be permanently deleted.

Safety record

There have been reports of certain bugs in Yammer that permitted hackers to gain access to user data, however these issues have since been resolved.  So far there has been no other news of hacking attempts on Yammer and the network appears to be secure.

Adding third party apps

Yammer lets you interact with third party applications and web services and exchange data with them.  If you choose to connect third parties to your Yammer account, personal information may be shared between the two services and its use will be determined by the third parties’ privacy policies.  It is therefore recommended that you review the privacy policy of any third party you interact with using your Yammer account.

Tracking down your data

The ability to track down how your data is being used depends on the position you have on your company’s Yammer network.  However, there aren’t specific tools available that let users to easily see how their information is being used by the service.


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