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A company that helps users register internet domains and provides host solutions for their websites.  It is an ICANN-accredited internet registrar that manages over 3 million internet domains, making it the third biggest registrar in the world.

Creating an account

New customers can create a Register account by entering their email address and other personal details, choosing a password and picking a security question.  The criteria for passwords on Register is that they have to contain between 5 and 20 characters, including letters and numbers.

Security features on Register

Register doesn’t offer users many security features with their accounts apart from the most basic measures.  Register uses an encrypted SSL connection whenever sensitive data like personal information and payment details are being exchanged between the user and the company’s servers.  However, you have a number of security options that relate to any website you choose to host on their service, including security seals that ensure an encrypted SSL connection is in place.

Changing your security settings

The only security setting you can manage on your Register account is your account password. Since your account holds personal information and payment details, it is very important that you change your password regularly and pick a strong one.  To change your password, login to your account and click on the ‘Change Password’ link to enter your new password.

Personal data collection

Register collects a variety of personal data from its users when they sign up for an account and throughout their subscription to the service.  The company uses this information to help it personalise and enhance the service it provides.  The company never shares the data it collects with other companies for commercial reasons, and it will always ask the user for his or her consent to receive promotional material from other brands that may be of interest.  Users can easily unsubscribe from any communication through their settings page.

Cancelling your Register account

You may cancel your Register acceount at any time, however to do this you need to contact Register’s customer service centre and request that they cancel your account.

Security record

There have been no reports of security breaches on Register’s servers and user accounts have largely been safe from hacking attacks or other internet threats.

Linking third parties

You can link some third party services and apps to your Register account.  The information shared on these services is governed by their own privacy policies and users are recommended to review these policies and check their privacy settings to make sure they are aware of the data that is being shared.

Tracking your shared information

Register doesn’t provide users with tools that let them track down how their personal information is used.

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