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Published on January 8th, 2014 | by Joanna Connell


Netlog Twoo

Netlog Twoo

Netlog has joined forces with Twoo, a social discovery network that brings together millions of men and women looking to meet new people.  This collaboration between the two services gives users many new features that allow them to chat and mingle online, share music and videos and post blogs.

Registering an account

You can create a Netlog Twoo account using your Facebook account or a valid email address.  If you choose the latter route, you will need to pick a password for your new account.  The password for your Netlog account has to have a minimum of 5 characters.

Security features on Netlog Twoo

Unfortunately, Netlog Twoo doesn’t provide users with many security features on their accounts apart from basic ones like: changing passwords, blocking other users from viewing your profile or contacting you and managing privacy settings.

Managing your security settings

To modify the security settings on your Netlog Twoo account, simply sign in and go to the Settings page to access your accounts settings.  In the Account section you have options to edit your email address, your password and also control privacy settings like blocking other users or restricting the visibility of your profile.

Personal data collection

Netlog Twoo records the personal data its users enter while creating an account and when filling in their online profiles.  If you connect other online services to your Netlog Twoo account, your data may be accessible by both services in accordance to their privacy policies.  Netlog Twoo uses your personal data to show you adverts and promotional material from partners that you may be interested in.

Deleting your account

To delete your Netlog Twoo account, sign in and go to the Settings page.  Choose ‘Edit’ in the Account section and then click on the ‘Delete account’ link.  Before permanently deleting your account you will have to confirm your request by inputting your password one more time.

Security record

Netlog Twoo has been a source of many complaints for users who signed up and then found that their email contacts and Facebook friends were being bombarded with multiple invites to Netlog Twoo, supposedly sent on their behalf.  Although the Netlog Twoo community hasn’t been targeted by internet threats, this breach of user privacy has caused concern.

Third parties connections

Netlog Twoo lets users sign in with their Facebook account to their profiles, but currently there is no way to integrate other apps or web applications to add functionality to the service.

Tracking your shared information

Although you can control the privacy settings to change the visibility of your profile, Netlogg Twoo doesn’t give its users the option to track down how personal information is being shared.




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