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A social networking site with a strong emphasis on music sharing and listening.  It allows singers, musicians and fans alike to join an online community over 50 million strong that’s musically minded and where they can share their latest sounds.

Getting Your Spot On Myspace

You can register for a Myspace account on its homepage using either your existing Facebook or Twitter credentials, or by using a valid email address.  If you choose the latter route, you’ll need to choose a password.

The password policy for Myspace does not require very complex passwords.  Although you can add in mixed letter cases, symbols or numbers to your password, as long as it is at least six characters long, it will be accepted by the system.

Don’t Touch Me

Myspace does not provide its users the possibility to enable secure https browsing through their accounts.  Two-step verification is not available either for this service. For the time being, picking a very strong and unique password is the best way to protect your information from intruders.

Security Space

Myspace doesn’t have any security settings as such.  You can edit your password or choose a new one by clicking on the Settings button from the profile menu on the left-hand side of the home screen.  On the ‘Profile’ section you can change your password.  There are also privacy control on the ‘Privacy’ section which let you change your profile’s visibility to restricted or public view.

You can also turn on or off the connection between your Myspace account and Facebook or Twitter from the ‘Applications’ area.

Mi Data Es Su Data?

Myspace may make your personal data available to a number of third party agents or service providers that use your information on Myspace’s behalf to conduct work  related to analytics.  Myspace may provide such information to these analytics providers for the purpose of obtaining statistics and other information about how its users are using and interacting with the Myspace services.

Spacing Out

To delete your Myspace account, log in to your account and press the ‘Settings’ button on the left-hand menu of the homepage.  In the ‘Profile’ area click on ‘Delete Account’.  You have to select one reason for wanting to remove your account from the pop-box that appears.  After choosing your motivation press the ‘Delete my account’ button to start the deletion process.

Invading Space

There are no public confirmations of Myspace having been under any major attack by hackers in the past.

Third Party Apps On Myspace

So far Myspace only allows access to Facebook and Twitter integration with its users’ accounts.  The privacy policy of Myspace does not govern the use of your information by these third parties, instead it is subject by their third parties’ own privacy policies.  Accordingly, Myspace encourages its users to check those policies for information about their data practices.

Tracking Your Information On Myspace

Myspace doesn’t give its users any tools to track how secure their information is.  It does however allow you to very easily manage any linked Facebook or Twitter accounts and you can turn on or off their access on the settings page by clicking on the ‘Applications’ section.


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