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A social networking website that brings together groups and communities based in the same area. It has almost 16 million members signed up hailing from 196 countries. Meetup makes it easy for anyone to host an event in their locality or join one of the face-to-face meetups that are organised through the website.

Signing up for an account

You can sign up for a Meetup account by linking it to your Facebook account and importing your personal details or by using your email address. If you create a new account with your email, you will need to choose a password. Your Meetup password must have a minimum of six characters in it and it is recommended that your password is formed by a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it more secure.

Security features on Meetup

Meetup does not give its users a lot of security features on their accounts. You can modify certain things like your password and privacy settings, but more advanced options such as enabling the two-factor authentication feature are not available on this service.

Managing your security settings

To change the password of your Meetup account, sign in on your account and go to the General Account page. Click on ‘Edit’ next to your password and enter your new password. You will need to confirm this change by inputting your old password before the change takes effect. On the General Account page you can also control privacy settings that relate to the information that is shared on your Facebook profile and the content that other users can view on your Meetup profile.

Personal data usage

Meetup records the personal data its users enter while creating an account and when filling in their online profiles. This is done to provide you with a more personalised experience of the service. If you connect your Facebook account to your Meetup profile, your data may be accessible by both services according to their respective privacy policies. Your personal data on Meetup will not be sold, rented or used for commercial purposes.

Deleting your account

To delete your Meetup account, click on this link and simply enter your password to confirm your request to close the account. Some publicly available information may still be visible on your page after your account is closed, therefore it may be necessary to remove this content from your profile manually before deleting the account.

Security record

There have been no reports of hacking attempts on Meetup user accounts or any other security breaches.

Third parties on Badoo

Meetup lets users sign in with their Facebook account and to share information on other popular social network services. To control the information that is shared by these third parties, the users should check their privacy settings on their other accounts.

Tracking your shared information

Although you can control certain privacy settings, Meetup does not give users the option to track down exactly how their personal information is being shared.

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