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An online backup service that lets users automatically backup their data online while they are working at their computers and access it on multiple devices. This provides a safer and more convenient solution than physical backups which may be stolen or damaged. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial that gives you full access to KeepIt’s service or subscribe to a paid home or business plan.

Creating a KeepIt account

You can begin your free 30-day KeepIt trial by creating an account on KeepIt’s signup page. All the information inputted on this page is protected by a secure HTTPS connection. To create an account you have to input your first and last names, a valid email address and pick a password that is at least six characters long. There is no need to give your credit card details for the free trial, but this will be necessary if you decide to subscribe to a paid backup plan.

Keeping it safe

KeepIt offers users a lot of security features to ensure that their information is kept safe. When you install KeepIt’s software on your Mac or PC, it will automatically backup data for you daily and keep a history of your daily backups for up to sixty days. The information transmitted between your computer and KeepIt’s servers is protected with a private encryption key using a secure 256-bit encryption system that guarantees the privacy of your data. Moreover, your data is copied on servers located in different locations, so you will always be able to access your data even if one of KeepIt’s data storage facilities are compromised.

Keeping it simple

The number of security settings which users can change is very limited on KeepIt, since many of the security features are in-built in the service and cannot be changed. However users can change certain security settings like their passwords by logging on to their KeepIt online control panel (

Personal data collection

KeepIt collects certain personal user data to help it provide its services, bill users and process their payments for backup plan subscriptions. The data is also used to help KeepIt improve its users’ experience on the website. Personal information is never submitted to third parties and it is only used by KeepIt for purposes related to its backup service.

Deleting your KeepIt account

Unfortunately, you cannot close your KeepIt account directly from your account. Instead, you have to contact KeepIt’s customer service and request them to cancel your account and terminate your subscription. You can contact KeepIt’s customer service either via email on their website or by sending the company a letter to its physical address. After an account is deleted, all the personal data related to the user is erased completely from KeepIt’ servers.

Safety report

There have been no reports of security breaches affecting KeepIt user accounts or news of hacking attempts on the company’s servers.

Keeping it together

KeepIt does not let you connect its service to third party applications or web services. The company however keeps a mailing list which it uses to send out promotional material related to its services or those of related companies. Users can unsubscribe from this mailing list at any time.

Tracking your personal information

KeepIt offers users the ability to manage accounts with multiple users and use privacy options to control who they share their information with. However it does not provide any tools that let customers keep track of how their personal data is being used.

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