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An online backup service that offers secure online storage for all your important files and easy recovery in case of data loss or damage. You can back up information from your PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices on a single IDrive account. Sign up for a free basic account that gives you 5GB of online storage or upgrade to one of the paid plans for home users or businesses.

Password policy

When you sign up for a free IDrive account you will need to create an account using your personal details. You have to input your first and last names, your email address and choose a password to log in to your account. The password you create must be between four to 20 characters long.  A longer password is recommended as is a mix of characters, including letters, numbers and other symbols to make the password stronger.

Security features

IDrive provides you with many features to ensure that all the data you save online is kept safe. All the information that is exchanged between your devices and IDrive is encrypted using a secure 256-bit data encryption system that is based on a private key which only you know. IDrive also keeps multiple records of your backup data to allow for redundancy in case something goes wrong. The servers on which your data is hosted are located within high-security facilities in the United States that have a number of systems in place to prevent theft or damage.

Changing your security settings

The security features that come with your IDrive account are integrated in the service and cannot be modified by users. This is done to ensure that your information is being protected in the best possible way. When creating their IDrive account, users have the option to set their own private encryption key or let the system choose one for them. In both cases, this key is not stored on IDrive’s servers and the users must take care not to lose it since it cannot be changed later.

Personal data collection

IDrive collects personal data from their users when they sign up for an account to use the service and can also collect additional personal information that users volunteer on surveys or other communications. This information is used by IDrive to provide its services and to improve user experience on its website. Data will not be disclosed to third parties without the users’ consent.

Closing your account

To terminate your IDrive subscription and cancel your account with the service, you will need to contact Customer Service by email and request them to cancel your account. Users have to give IDrive 30 days prior notice before their account is terminated and all their data erased from IDrive’s servers.

Security record

There have been no reports of IDrive being targeted by hackers in the past or that data saved on its servers has been compromised in any way.

Third parties

IDrive does not support third party integration with its service and therefore it is not possible to connect your IDrive account to other applications or web services.

Keeping track of your information

There are no tools on IDrive that let you track down how your personal information is being used by the company.

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