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A social gaming website that connects gamers together and allows them to share content, chat together and discover new games to play. Friendster is very popular in Southeast Asia and boasts over 115 million registered users who populate the gaming communities hosted on its servers.

Joining the fun

To register for an account on Friendster you can either use your existing Facebook account to start using the service or else sign up using your email address. If you choose to create a new account by entering email address, you will need to choose a password which is at least eight characters long and doesn’t contain spaces. You can use a mixture of letters, numbers and other symbols to make your password more secure.

Playing safe

Friendster doesn’t offer members a lot of security features. You have access to the most basic options, such as changing your password and controlling some privacy settings related to the content you publish on your profile. Moreover, any sensitive data you enter is encrypted and transmitted through a SSL connection to ensure that it is kept safe.

Managing your account settings

To change your Friendster account password, click on your profile name or picture at the top-right of the website and then click on Account Settings from the dropdown menu. On the Account Settings page, click on ’Change’ on the right of your password to enter and confirm your new password. After making the necessary changes to your details click the on ‘Change Password’.

Personal data collection

Friendster collects personal data when you register for a new account and whenever you volunteer other information while using the service. This information is used to provide you with service, to personalise your experience on the website and to contact you about product or service offers and other messages. Your personal details will never be sold to third parties or used for commercial purposes without your consent.

Deleting your account

To deactivate your Friendster account, first log in to your account, click on your profile name or picture and then click on ‘Account Settings’ from the dropdown menu. On the accounts settings page click on ‘Deactivate’ highlighted in green under the Settings section. You will need to input your password one more time to confirm your request. Deactivating your account will disable all your profiles, profile pictures, and content. This action is irreversible and your account will be permanently deleted within 30 days.

Safety record

There have been sporadic reports of Friendster users receiving spam messages on their email address which could indicate that the service has been hacked. Since the site has been redesigned recently, there have been no further reports of security concerns.

Connecting third parties

Friendster lets users connect their account with their Facebook credentials. When you connect your account to Facebook some personal information is shared between the services according to their respective privacy policies and the privacy settings associated by users with the content they published on their accounts.

Keeping track of your information

Unfortunately, Friendster does not give members the option to easily track where and how the information they share on the service is being used.

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