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Friends Reunited

A British social network that’s all about connecting old friends together and remembering important moments from the past. Friends Reunited counts over 24.3 million registered members who share their experiences and memories with family, classmates and old friends.

Joining the club

To register for an account on the Friends Reunited network you can simply use your existing Facebook information to fill in your profile quickly and find friends who already use the service. Otherwise you can sign up for a new account by entering your first and last names, gender, birthdate, email address and password. Friends Reunited allows only passwords that are at least six characters long. You can use a mixture of letters, numbers and other symbols to make your password more secure.

Keeping it safe

Friends Reunited doesn’t offer members a lot of security features. You have access to the most basic options, such as changing your password and controlling the privacy settings of what you post online. Your Friends Reunited profile page will always be visible to everyone, however you can limit which posts can be seen by your friends only and which can be viewed by everyone else.

Managing your account

To change your email address or password, click on your name at the top-right of the website and then click on the Account link from the menu. When you click on the Account link, you will see the ‘Change email address’ and ‘Change password’ links on the left of the page. After making the necessary changes to your details click the on the ‘Save’ button.

You can change the privacy settings of every memory you post. Private memories will only be visible to you or the people you choose, whereas public memories are available for everyone to see.

Personal data collection

Friends Reunited collects personal data when you register for a new account and whenever you volunteer other information whilst using the service. This information is used to personalise your experience on the website and to contact you about product or service offers and other messages. Your personal details will never be sold to third parties or used for commercial purposes without your consent.

Deleting your account

Friends Reunited does not give members the option to permanently delete the information on their database. Instead it allows you to archive your account and your data will be retained on their servers for an unspecified time period. To archive your Friends Reunited account, click on your name at the top-right of the website and then click on the Account link from the menu. On your Account page click on the ‘Remove my account from Friends Reunited’ link which appears at the left of the page. You will be asked to input your password to confirm your request before clicking on the ‘Unregister’ button.

Safety record

Friends Reunited audience is very limited and the social network is therefore a relatively small one compared to more popular services. The website has never been targeted by hackers, nor have there been reports of security breaches in the past.

Connecting third parties

Friends Reunited allows you to log in to their website using your Facebook credentials. When you connect your account to Facebook some personal information is shared between the services. You can share memories and other posts using Facebook, Twitter and email, however you will only share links to the content; the actual data remains at all times on the Friends Reunited website.

Keeping track of your information

Unfortunately, Friends Reunited does not give members the option to easily track where and how the information they share on the service is being used.

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