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An e-shopping website that focuses mainly on hand-made and vintage items for sale. You can buy from a wide variety of items ranging from photography, jewellery, food and clothing.  The service has over 30 million users subscribed on it and nearly a million retailers selling their wares online.

Creating an Etsy account

To sign up for an Etsy account, you can simply connect your existing Facebook account or create an account using your email address.  In either case, you will have to pick a username and a password.  The password policy on Etsy is very simple: all passwords have to be at least six characters long.

Safety features on Etsy

Etsy offers users with several security features on their accounts.  Secure browsing via an encrypted SSL connection is enabled by default and users can also choose to enable two-factor authentication and sign-in notifications.  Moreover, it is possible to review past sign-ins and remotely close and open sessions.

Changing your safety settings

To change your safety setting on Etsy, login to your account and click on or hover over your username at the top-right of the page.  Click on the Settings link and under the Security tab you can easily configure the security features by enabling or disabling them with only one click.

Personal data collection

Etsy collects personal data from its users when they register for an account, make purchases, or interact with Etsy’s customer service.  This data helps the company to customise and improve their experience on the website.  Etsy never shares the data it collects with other companies for profit, and it will always ask the user for his or her consent to receive promotional material from other brands that may be of interest.  Users can easily opt-out from any emails through their settings page.

Cancelling your Etsy account

To cancel your Etsy account, sign in to your account and click on or hover over your username at the top-right of the page.  Click on the Settings link and scroll to the bottom of the Account tab to find the ‘Close Account’ button. You will be required to enter your password again to confirm your request which will be processed within 30 minutes.

Safety record

There have been no major reports of security concerns on Etsy user accounts, although there have been sporadic claims by users saying that their credit card details may have been stolen whilst using the service.

Connecting third parties to Etsy

You can connect many third party services to your Etsy account through the app gallery.  You can control the apps linked to your account on the Settings page by clicking on the Apps link from the right-hand menu.

The information shared on these services is governed by their own privacy policies and users are recommended to review these policies and check their privacy settings to make sure they are aware of the data that is being shared.

Tracking your shared information

Although you can control the privacy settings of the content that appears on your online profile, Etsy does not let its users track down how their personal information is used.

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