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An e-shopping and auction website that lets users connect and buy or sell items online. You can bid on the items you like and compete against other users to win the bid – or use the ‘Buy now’ button to buy the item you want. With over 124 million users, eBay has become the largest online marketplace featuring over 500 million items for sale.

Registering an account

When signing up for your eBay account, you have to enter your first and last names, email address and choose a password. eBay requires users to choose a password that is at least six characters long and suggests that they use a unique mix of letters, numbers and symbols. There is also a handy gauge that indicates the relative strength of your password choice.

Security features on eBay

eBay keeps its users safe by carrying out transactions on its site over a secure SSL connection and recommends that users use PayPal to make payments. eBay also makes use of firewalls and encryption to help protect your data better. Although there is no two-step verification on eBay, you can however set this up for PayPal to make your payments more secure.

Managing your security settings

You can manage security settings from your eBay account by clicking on your name at the top-left of the screen and click on ‘Account settings’ from the dropdown menu. On the left-hand side you can access various options that relate to your account details and PayPal account from the My Account menu. The security settings you can actually configure is limited to your password and PayPal integration.

Collecting personal data

eBay collects your personal data when you sign up for an account and uses it to provide you with its services and to improve and personalise your experience on the website. Your personal information will never be sold, rented or shared with third parties for marketing purposes without your consent.

Deleting your account

To delete your eBay account you need to log in to your account and then go to the account deletion page. After answering some security questions, your request to delete the account will be processed. eBay will keep your account information on hold for some time before actually removing it. You will be informed by email once this waiting period expires and your account is permanently deleted.

Security record

There have been some reports on the news of eBay accounts being hacked and personal details being stolen and exposed online. Whilst eBay tries to give users a secure online experience, it is not immune to security breaches.

Connecting third parties to eBay

eBay offer users the possibility to share information with other websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and others. The personal information that is accessible in these cases depends on your privacy settings on the website or application and whether you have consented to third parties connecting to your content. By associating third party accounts with your eBay account, you are authorising eBay to access and store certain data from other sources.

Tracking your shared information

eBay does not give its users options to track down how personal information you share is being used.

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