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An online news aggregator that gathers stories from around the web and presents them on its editorially curated front page.  Digg features articles that are of interest to an internet audience, especially virally spread content.  It also presents news about science, tech and current affairs.

Signing up

You can sign up for a Digg account instantly by connecting an existing Facebook, Twitter or Google account.  You cannot sign up in the traditional way; by entering an email address and password.  Therefore it is important that any service you choose to connect to Digg is safe in its own right.

Security features on Digg

Digg does not have any security features since no personal data is shared with the service.

Managing your security settings

On your Digg account, you can easily revoke any third party accounts you have connected to the service through the settings page.  However you will always need at least one actively linked account to continue to use Digg as a registered user.

Personal data collection

Digg does not collect personal information from its users unless this is volunteered by the users themselves or shared through their linked accounts.  Any information collected is used to operate and improve the services provided by Digg.  Any information shared on Digg is made public except for users’ email addresses.  Digg will not disclose your personal details to third parties for commercial reasons.

Deleting your account

Digg lets you delete your account by clicking on the gear icon at the top-right of the screen, and then clicking on ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu.  Click on the ‘Delete my account’ link in the Account section of the settings pages and simply confirm your request to delete the account.

Security report

There have been no reports of Digg users being targeted by hackers or that the service has been compromised by other internet threats in the past.

Third parties on Digg

Users can use their existing Facebook, Twitter and Google credentials to log in to Digg, and personal information is shared between the service in accordance to their privacy policies.  Digg encourages users to review the privacy statements before choosing to link third party accounts.

Tracking the information you share

Unfortunately, Digg does not provide its users with tools that let them track down how your personal information is being used.

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