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An easy and automatic online backup solution that makes a copy of your data on off-location servers which you can then access from any location, on any device. The service uses a secure cloud storage system that is available for home and business computing needs.

Signing up

You can sign up for a free trial by creating an account on To register for an account you only have to enter your email address and then choose a password. Carbonite requires users to select a password that has six or more characters in it. There are no other restrictions on the kind of password that you can choose.

Security as tough as a diamond

Carbonite runs automatically in the background while you are working on your computer. It uploads data to its servers using a secure and encrypted SSL connection to ensure that nobody can get their hands on the information you are transmitting. Carbonite will store all your data in a safe place which has round-the-clock protection to prevent data theft or damage.

Users of Carbonite’s service can also manage their own encryption keys by setting a passphrase which is used to encrypt their password. This passphrase is only known by the user and is not stored online but on your computer. However only customers on a Windows PC can make use of this option for now since it isn’t available on Mac or mobile devices.

Changing your security settings

You can change the security settings of your Carbonite account directly from your PC by clicking on the Carbonite icon in your system tray or running the program from the All Programs menu. When you click on the icon you will launch the Carbonite Infocentre. On this program you will be able to edit personal details, change your password and set up your own private encryption key. Changes to personal details can also be made by logging in on your web-based Carbonite account using your email and password.

To set up your own encryption key, go to the Settings menu, click on ‘Choose online backup settings’ and then click on the Advanced option. You will then be asked to confirm this decision before being able to select your encryption key.

Personal data collection

Carbonite collects the personal data you submit whilst registering from the account and any further data that is given throughout your use of the service. This data is only used by Carbonite to provide you with their services and improve user experience. According to their privacy policy, information will not be sold or given to others but it may be used with your permission to send you offers and information from other companies that may be of interest to you.


To cancel you Carbonite account while you are still in your free trial period, all you need to do is uninstall the software from your PC. If you are a subscribed member to Carbonite, then you have to contact their Customer Service and request that your subscription be suspended. After your account on Carbonite is terminated, all your data will be automatically deleted from Carbonite’s servers and from their third-party cloud storage providers.

Security record

Carbonite promises users that their data will be kept secure using state-of-the-art technology. So far there has been no record of Carbonite users being under attack by hackers or other internet threats.

Third parties on Carbonite

Although Carbonite uses third-party providers to store your data on the cloud, you cannot integrate your Carbonite account to other applications or web services.

Tracking down your data

Carbonite may occasionally send users information related to other companies that may be of interest, but it does not provide users with a way to control how much of their personal information is being shared with these companies.

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