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Published on January 7th, 2014 | by Joanna Connell




CafeMom is an online community that connects mothers and mothers-to-be who wish to share their experiences and ask for advice on various topics.  The website contains articles about food, pregnancy, fashion, health and more.  CafeMom receives over 8 million unique visits every month and is one of the most popular websites with women on the internet.

Creating an account

To sign up for an account on CafeMom, you can instantly join using an existing Facebook account or by filling in the registration form using your email address.  In either case, you will need to enter a screen name and choose a password to protect your account.  The password policy on CafeMom is that your password has to be a minimum of six characters long.

Security features on CafeMom

CafeMom gives users a simple online experience without overwhelming them with options.  All personal data is shared over a secure HTTPS connection which encrypts the information the user enters.  Security features on a CafeMom are scarce and include only the ability to edit your password and control the privacy settings for your profile and any content you publish online.

Managing your security settings

To edit your password on CafeMom, log in to your account and click on ‘My Other Stuff’ link at the top of the screen.   In the ‘Account Detail’ tab, click ‘edit’ to the right of your password.  Enter your old password, then type your new password twice.  Click on the ‘Save Changes’ button and then click on ‘Change Password’ to save your new password.

Personal data usage

CafeMom collects personal data from its users to help it personalise and improve its service. The company never shares the data it collects with other companies for commercial reasons, and it will always ask the user for his or her consent to receive promotional material from other brands that may be of interest.  The users have the ability to unsubscribe at any time from any newsletter or offer they join.


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