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One of the fastest growing internet security brands that offers a suite of software that protects users against internet threats and other malware. BullGuard software comes in different versions that offer varying levels of protection ranging from a basic antivirus to the flagship all-in-one internet security program.

Signing up for a BullGuard account

You will need to sign up for a BullGuard account if you want to renew or upgrade your service subscription, manage backup data and install BullGuard software on other computers. To sign up you have to input your first and last names, a valid email address and choose a password.

BullGuard’s sign-up page only provides users with helpful information on their password limitations after they have entered an invalid one. To be valid a password you must enter at least 8 characters, none of which can refer to your username, first name or last name.

Security Features

A BullGuard account is used to manage certain aspects of the BullGuard software installed on their computers. As such there is little sensitive data stored online and there is no reason for users to disclose personal information on their BullGuard account. Therefore security features on BullGuard are minimal allowing the user only to change their account password.

Managing your security settings

You can change the password of your BullGuard account by logging into your account via the My Account link and clicking on the ‘Change password’ button on the My Account Details section. You can also change your username and other details from the same page.

Personal data

BullGuard collects certain personal data from its user to be able to enhance their experience of using the software. BullGuard stores all the information you enter on your website and uses it for a variety of purposes that are related to the services they provide. BullGuard does not share or sell personal information with third parties, but it may disclose information to other companies that provide services on BullGuard’s behalf.

Deleting your account

Removing your BullGuard account will involve uninstalling the software from your computer or laptop. You can uninstall your BullGuard software either by going on the Start menu, locating BullGuard on All Programs and running the uninstaller in the BullGuard folder, or by going on Control Panel and using the Add or Remove function (Windows XP, 2000) or the Uninstall a Program option (Windows Vista, 7).

Security report

So far there have not been any reports of BullGuard’s account being compromised by hackers.

Third parties

BullGuard does not let users connect the software to third party apps but there may be links to other web services on its website. BullGuard is not responsible for the privacy practices of third parties and recommend that users check the privacy policies of these websites before trusting them with personal information.

Tracking your information

Users will be required to provide some personal information on BullGuard’s website however the site does not provide means to track how this data is shared.

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