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A simple and safe online storage solution for users who want to have their data with them wherever they are. The service gives free users 10GB of storage space which can be increased if they sign up with a premium account. Box integrates with many third party apps and can be installed on different devices.

Boxed in

After choosing whether you want to sign up for a free Box account or a paid one, you will be taken to the registration form where you have to enter your personal details. The password policy on Box is not clearly explained but users will be able to see how strong their password is thanks to a four-level gauge that measures password complexity. For best results, Box requires you to input a password that has a mix of letters, number and special symbols.

Security Features

Box has many security features that make its service a robust option for users looking for a safe place to store their data. Secure HTTPS access comes as a default and the system has been certified at the highest level of protection on desktop or on mobile.

You can also set up 2-step login verification on Box, including for logins from mobile apps. When you enable 2-step verification, a security code will be sent to your mobile phone each time you login from a different service or location.

Managing your security settings

Box provides users with a variety of security settings they can enable to make their data more secure. After accessing your Box account, click on Account Settings and go to the Security Tab. There you will be able to configure the settings for:

  • Passcode lock: you can enable or disable a password that has a time restriction which prompts you to re-enter it after a period of inactivity. This adds an extra layer of protection in case your mobile device gets lost or stolen.
  • 2-step login verification: you can turn this feature on from the Security tab in the Account Settings page. When you turn on this option, a security code will be texted to your mobile phone whenever you log in from unusual locations. This prevents impostors from logging remotely into your Box account.
  • Remote logout: on your security tab you can review a list of all your past login activities from any devices you use. To log out of Box from any open session, click on ‘Forget app’. This feature lets you revoke access to your data even after your mobile device is lost or stolen.

Personal data on Box

Box collects a variety of information from users which allows it to provide its services, improve users’ experience and give region-specific information.

Box also uses cookies that may track certain information about how you use the service which is then used to improve it. Box may also obtain information from third party apps like online social networks you integrate to the service.

Deleting your account

The procedure to cancel your Box account differs slightly depending on whether you have a personal or a commercial account.

  • Personal account – select ‘Account Settings’ from the My Account drop-down menu and click on the ‘Account Info’ tab. Select ‘Delete your account’ from the account information section to confirm your request to permanently delete your Box account.
  • Commercial account – select ‘Admin Settings’ from the Admin Console and then click on the ‘Account and Billing’ tab. Select ‘Delete your account’ from the account information section to confirm your request to permanently delete your Box account.


Hacking Box

Box has kept a relatively low profile when compared to other cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. However there have been sporadic reports of hacking on Box’s support pages and in some internet articles which point out that the service is not immune from attacks despite the strong safety features it offers.

Connecting third parties to Box

Box lets users connect third party application to their Box account and allows information to be shared between the two services. However Box’s privacy policy does not extend to how these third-party apps use that information and asks users to review the policies of third-party apps before deciding to connect them to their Box accounts.

Tracking your information

You can track the instances where your Box account is open on the security tab within the account settings page. Here you can see a list of all your past and active login activities and other relevant information. You can also revoke access to a particular device at any time by clicking on ‘Forget app’.

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