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An online blogging community that has a subscriber count of over half a million members. It gives people the chance to write down their thoughts and ideas and share them on subject-specific groups. Blogster users can publish a variety of content on their blogs including text, images and videos, whilst networking with the other members of the community.

Registering an account

To sign up for a Blogster account, you need to enter some personal details; your first and last names, your gender and birth date etc. You will also have to enter a valid email address and choose a password to protect your account. The password policy on Blogster is that your password must be a minimum of six characters long; there are no other requirements for a password to be accepted.

Security features on JustCloud

Blogster tries to give users an easy blogging experience without overwhelming them with options. All personal data is shared over a secure SSL connection which encrypts the information the user inputs. Security features on a Blogster account are scarce and include only the ability to edit your password and control the sharing settings for the content you post online.

Managing your security settings

To edit your password on Blogster, log in to your account and click on Manage Blog at the top of the screen, and then click on Change Password. You will have to input your old password first, and then enter your new password twice to confirm your decision to change it. Make sure to click on the Save Setting button after entering your new password.

To manage the privacy settings on Blogster, click on Manage Blog at the top of the screen and then click on Setting Options. Here you can change your profile privacy to one of the three privacy levels available. To adjust the visibility of your posts, click on Manage Blog and then click on Write Blog Post. At the bottom of the blog writing page, you can change the privacy settings of your post to public, community or friends.

Personal data usage

Blogster collects personal data from its users to help it personalise and improve its service. The company never shares the data it collects with other companies for commercial reasons and it will always ask the user for his or her consent to receive promotional material from other brands that may be of interest. The users have the ability to unsubscribe at any time from any newsletter or offer that they may have previously signed up to.

Closing your account

Unfortunately, deleting your Blogster account is not very straightforward. You have the option to delete any posts or blogs you create but there is no easy way to ensure that your personal data is completely removed from Blogster’s servers. If you want to permanently delete your Blogster account, you need to contact their Customer Service by email on their Contact page and send a written request.

Security record

As a small community of bloggers, Blogster has not attracted the attention of hackers nor has it been the target of other internet threats.

Connecting third parties to JustCloud

Blogster aims to give users the easiest blogging experience around and for this reason the service does not give users a lot of options, including the ability to connect other applications or services to their accounts.

Tracking your shared information

Although you can control the privacy settings of the content you publish online, Blogster does not give its users the option to track down how their personal information is being used by the service.

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