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An online backup service which you can use to store all your computer’s data, music and videos in a secure location which you can access from any device you use. This service protects you in case of accidental data loss or if your devices are stolen or damaged. You can subscribe to a basic plan that starts at $5 per month for your PC or Mac.

Password policy

Signing up for an account with BackBlaze is very simple. First of all you need to download their software onto your computer or laptop. You can create an account right from their home page and all you need to input is your email address and a password. The password for a BackBlaze account only needs to be four characters long.

Security features

BackBlaze puts great emphasis on data security. Any files that are uploaded to or downloaded from the company’s servers are encrypted and transferred over a secure (SSL) connection to ensure that information cannot be hacked into. The backup data stored in its offsite servers are all kept on encrypted disks. BackBlaze also allows users who want an extra layer of security over their data to set a secret passphrase that encrypts their password.

Changing Security Settings

The main safety feature that BackBlaze has is allowing the users to enable or disable the passphrase. This passphrase is used to encrypt or decrypt a user’s password and thus add an additional level of security over one’s data.

To enable passphrase protection, open the BackBlaze program installed on your computer or laptop and click on the Security tab. There is a section that explains what a passphrase does and if you wish to enable this feature, just click on the ‘Enable your Private Encryption Key’ and then input your chosen passphrase. The passphrase will not be stored on BackBlaze’s servers and users who enable this feature must make sure that they do not forget their passphrase, otherwise they will not be able to access their stored data.

Personal data collection

BackBlaze collects personal information from its users and processes this data in accordance to a strict privacy policy. No personal data will be disclosed to third party service providers, except that needed to process credit card transactions to pay for BackBlaze’s backup service. Data with third parties will only be shared in an encrypted form and when necessary to provide you with a service.

Cancelling your account

To delete your BackBlaze account, simply login to your account and click on the ‘Cancel Account’ link. You will then be requested to enter your password again to confirm your cancellation request before this is finally processed. BackBlaze warns in its privacy policy that even after removing your account, some data may still be kept in their archives or backups.

Security Record

BackBlaze has an impeccable security record. There have been no reports regarding hacking attacks or data being compromised on its servers.

Third parties on BackBlaze

BackBlaze tries to provide users with a bullet-proof data backup solution that is extremely safe. To ensure that information is not compromised, BackBlaze does not allow users to connect third party applications or websites to its service.

Keeping tabs on your information

BackBlaze does not provide any tools which users can use to check how their data is being used by the company or which third parties it is being disclosed to.

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