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An online platform where users (referred to as ‘hosts’) can offer lodgings to other users from around the world or search themselves for a place to stay while travelling abroad.  Airbnb features over half a million listings spread over 192 countries including: rooms, apartments, castles, boats and even tree houses.

Signing up for an account

You can sign up for an Airbnb account by linking it to your Facebook account and importing your personal details or by using your email address.  If you create a new account with your email, you will need to choose a password.  Your Airbnb password must have at least five characters in it and it is recommended that you use a mixture of characters: letters, numbers and symbols in order to create a more secure password.

Security features on Airbnb

Airbnb doesn’t give its users a lot of security features on their accounts.  You can modify certain things like your password and privacy settings, but more advanced safety options like enabling two-factor authentication or login notifications are not available on this service yet.

Managing your security settings

To change the password of your Airbnb account, sign into your account and click on your profile picture at the top of the screen.  Click on Account from the dropdown menu that appears, once the page loads click on the ‘Settings’ link at the top.  You will need to confirm this change by inputting your old password and then typing your new password twice.  Click the ‘Update password’ button to save your changes.

Personal data usage

Airbnb records the personal data its users enter whilst creating an account and when filling in their online profiles.  This is done to provide you with a more personalised experience of the service.  If you connect your Facebook account to your Airbnb profile, your data may be accessible by both services according to their respective privacy policies.  Your personal data on Airbnb will never be sold, rented or used for commercial purposes.

Cancelling your account

To cancel your Airbnb account, click on your profile picture at the top of the screen. Next click on Account from the dropdown menu that appears and once the page loads, click on the ‘Settings’ link at the top.  Simply click on the ‘Cancel account’ link at the bottom of the page and give a reason for deleting your account before confirming your request.

Security record

There has been no news of hacking attempts on Airbnb user accounts or any other security breaches.

Third parties on Airbnb

Airbnb lets users sign in with their Facebook account and to share information on other popular social network services.  To control the information that is shared by these third parties, the users should check their privacy settings on their other accounts.

Tracking your shared information

Although you can control certain privacy settings, Airbnb doesn’t give users the option to track down how their personal information is being shared.

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