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A cloud storage service that gives users 50GB of free storage space. ADrive has many features to allow you to manage and backup files across different devices and hold them in a secure and centralised location. You can access ADrive through its website or by installing the app on Apple or Android devices.

Riding the ADrive

Getting your free 50GB on ADrive involves a quick and simple signing up process. Log on to the main website and click the sign up button. You can select your type of account, either free or paid, on the left side of the screen and then enter your personal details on the right side.

ADrive uses a password policy that requires you to input a password that is at least 8 characters long.  Your password must include at least one uppercase and one numerical character in it. You will also be challenged with a captcha image which has a mixture of letters and number that you have to type in.

A Drive for Safety

The security features you enjoy on ADrive depends a lot on what type of account you have. A free account gives you the most basic security options which includes secure HTTPS access to your data that protects it whilst it is being uploaded or downloaded to your account. File transfer uses a host of security protocols that ensures access to your information is safe.

Users who sign up for a paid account get more security options to protect their data. Strangely enough, ADrive does not support two-step authentication for the time being, which seems to be a serious lacking feature considering that most major online storage solutions now give this option even to their basic users. However a redeeming feature for ADrive is that it uses geographical redundancy, meaning that copies of your data are securely stored in different places so that if a server is damaged, your data would still be accessible on another server.

Changing Security Settings on ADrive

Although ADrive offers a lot in terms of in-built security features that protect your data, the same cannot be said for its user interface and the range of options it permits. Security settings which you can modify are very limited and this service only enables you to change your email address, password and to modify the privacy settings of your files in order to control their visibility to other users.

Personal data collection

ADrive forces the user to enter a certain amount of personal information as a prerequisite, the user can provide optional information that will help the company provide a more personalised experience on their website. ADrive also uses cookies that track some of the users’ activities on the site and permits its business partners to do the same as long as the data collected remains totally anonymous. ADrive will not sell or share information to third parties except in the form of aggregated data that is shared with partners and advertisers. This data is not linked to personal information and it cannot be traced back to any particular user.

Cancelling your ADrive account

To remove your ADrive account, first you need to sign in to your account and then browse to the ‘Account Settings’ page. On the right side of the screen, click on the ‘Cancel Account’ button and you will be prompted to enter your password and a captcha challenge test to confirm your request to remove the account.

ADrive security record

ADrive has been flying under the hackers’ radar and thanks to its low profile, there haven’t been any reports of successful hacking attacks on the service so far.

Third parties on ADrive

There are few options to connect ADrive to third party applications and for free users this will be impossible. However ADrive uses third-party advertising companies that display ads on free user accounts. These companies may use some of your volunteered information you have entered on the website in order to provide you with adverts about goods or services that may be of interest to you.

Keeping tabs on your information

Unfortunately, there are no options on ADrive to track how your information is being shared. You can however restrict access to shared folders through the privacy settings associated with every folder and file you upload.

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